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  • How do Morgan’s Hair Darkening products work?
    The active ingredients in our products combine with each other and with the hair itself, which, together with the influence of warmth and sunlight, gradually darken the hair.
  • How do I use the Hair Darkening products
    Always follow the directions for use on the label. Before using for the first time, ensure your hair is clean and dry. Apply the product to the areas you wish to darken and comb through the hair.
  • How often should I use the Hair Darkening product?
    At first use once or twice a day. When your hair has reached the desired shade, you will only need to use the product two or three times a week to maintain the colour of the new hair growth.
  • How often should I shampoo my hair while using Morgan’s?
    When you first start using the product we recommend that the hair is only shampooed once or twice a week, this allows the darkening process to really start working for you. When you have achieved the colour you desire you may shampoo as often as you like.
  • How soon will I see results?
    Usually within two to three weeks, but this will depend on the temperature and the amount of sunlight. The speed of darkening can also depend on the porosity of the hair. The more porous your hair, the faster our products will work. Less porous hair takes longer to darken, as does scattered grey.
  • Is it possible to speed up the darkening process?
    The process works quicker in warm sunlight or with the use of a hairdryer.
  • Can I keep some grey hair?
    Yes, some people prefer to keep some grey, perhaps at the temples. In this case do not apply our products to the area you wish to remain grey. Comb your hair normally so that the colour blend naturally together.
  • Will Morgan’s Darkening products wash out or run off?
    No – our products are colour fast, only bleaching will remove the colour. However, by ceasing to use Morgans you will allow the colour to grow out and your hair will return to grey.
  • I’ve noticed that the Hair Darkening Pomade is a different colour, will this affect the performance?"
    No – this will not affect the performance and has no bearing on the darkening process. We have removed some colourants from the formula for a more natural appearance without artificial colours.
  • Can I use other grooming products at the same time when using the darkening products?
    We do not recommend this, especially during the initial few weeks. However once your hair has achieved the desired colour you may use other products. The majority of our customers find that they do not need other products as Morgans grooms and darkens successfully.
  • Will my skin become stained?
    No, but as with all cosmetic and toiletry products, we do recommend that you wash your hands after use.
  • Will swimming affect the colour?
    Frequent swimming may slow down the initial darkening process and it may also lighten the hair slightly when the desired colour has been achieved. If this happens simply increase the amount of Morgan’s that you use and the frequency with which you apply it.
  • What about colour beards and moustaches?
    We do not recommend the use of Morgan’s products on the beard, moustache or the eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Can I use other colours, rinses or tints?"
    No, you should not use two different products containing different active ingredients at the same time. This can cause unusual colours or off tones.
  • What if I have been previously dyeing or tinting my hair?
    Allow the existing product to grow out naturally. Thoroughly wash the hair with a good quality shampoo and apply Morgans to the new hair growth only and do not comb through the areas that were previously dyed or tinted.
  • Will Morgan’s damage my hair?
    No-our products contain no harsh chemicals which can cause dryness or damage. In fact the oils and other ingredients will protect your hair from dryness and damage.
  • Can I have my hair permed or relaxed (straightened) whilst using Morgan’s Hair Darkening?
    Yes – but please observe the following instructions: Do not use Morgan’s for 10-14 days before the perm or straightening takes place. Ensure your hair is thoroughly shampooed. Most neutralisers supplied with these products contain Hydrogen Peroxide, which can lighten or strip the colour from your hair or some times cause strange colours or tones. Never use a product which contains Hydrogen Peroxide, whilst using Morgan’s. Tell your hairdresser that you are using Morgan’s and ensure that they use a neutralizer containing Sodium Bromate.If you have any doubts do not have your hair permed or relaxed.
  • Are Morgan’s products safe to use?
    Yes – they are perfectly safe when used as directed on the label. All Morgan’s products comply fully with the requirements of the United Kingdom Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations 2008, the European Union Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC 2008 (as amended) and the United States of America Food & Drug Regulations. In addition they have been examined by independent qualified safety assessors and certified as safe to use.
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