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Our world famous Pomade is a classic solution to grey and ageing hair, tried and tested since 1873. The pomade gradually darkens grey hair over a period of three to four weeks without the use of conventional dyes.

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Hair Darkening Range products

Beard & Moustache

Give your beard and moustache the ultimate treatment with our extensive range of products from Beard Wash to Styling Wax. Tame the most unruly of facial hair with our specially formulated Beard Softening Elixir.

styling since 1873

Established in 1873 the name Morgan’s is famous throughout the World. We are proud to be an independent manufacturer located in Kent, England. 

As a family-run company, our business ethics remain true to the principles of excellence, integrity and value that made the Original Hair Darkening Pomade so successful. Morgan’s is the epitome of old fashioned values combined with the latest technologies, bringing you high quality products with natural ingredients.

Six generations later, Morgan’s has diversified from the hair darkening range that made it so famous and now produces a large variety of products, including men’s grooming, hair care and skin care.

“Morgan's Pomade USA help me find the right styling product for my type of hair. I really was impressed by their customer service”


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Nathanial Gilmore Testimonial

Nathanial Gilmore

I'm thankful to have found Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade. I missed my dark hair and wanted to have it last just a bit longer. No guy wants to feel old. Morgan's kept me feeling good and I especially liked how long it lasted with just applying it a few times.

April 2019

Jared Newson Testimonial

Jared Newson

I was having trouble finding a strong hold lasting pomade and luckily I found Morgan's Styling Pomades and I'm never turning back. It last all day and smells really good. Ladies compliment me all the time so that's a plus!

September 2016

Martin Lewis Testimonial

Martin Lewis

Last summer my beard got really itchy. I was so close to shaving it off when my friend recommended I try Morgan's Beard Cream and THANK GOD I did. My beard feels really good and it has grown a lot.

June 2018

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